Arbor Longboards Review: Part 2

As you might know, there are about 60 Arbor Longboards out there so it’s possible that you might be confused when buying one.
I remember when I bought my first Longboard, there almost wasn’t any information, reviews or even short descriptions on the internet. It would have made my purchase a lot easier and I definately wouldn’t have wasted so much money on buying boards which didn’t fit my style.

Anyways, I am happy to provide you with some nice descriptions which will make the purchase of any of these Arbor longboards a lot easier!


1. The Arbor Genesis 36 longboard

Thanks to Brian Morris, the commuters can now enjoy all the way. This board very lightweight and is low to the ground which makes it perfect for a commuting rider. Its features make it smaller and ideal to have around. It has a length of 36”, width of 8.50” and a wheelbase of 26”.

2. The Arbor Genesis 36 longboard

This board is one of those with a small drop-through and a reverse camber which makes the board more responsive to all turns. It has 10” trucks in the drop-through and 72mm soft free ride wheels. Its bottom is a graphic of skeleton bandito and a finishing of maple wood which is glossy. If you want to go hill bombing, this is your must-take. You won’t be disappointed.

3. The Arbor Genesis 42 longboard

This symmetrical longboard has a length of 42”, a width of 8.75” and a wheelbase of 32”.Its drop-through is reinforced using fiber-glass so as to ensure a smooth ride when sliding and carving.

4. The Arbor Assault GT longboard

This longboard has the most advanced design for downhill riding. It has a drop-through that is reinforced using fiber-glass which makes it great for high-speed at high levels as well as drifting and carving. Its symmetrical and cambered shape makes it ideal for a rider to manage both the switching and the sliding. It has a length of 42”, a width of 8.75” and a wheelbase of 32” that makes its flex give the rider a smooth ride. It works great for a light rider and is more stable.

5. The Arbor Catalyst 38 longboard

It has a length of 38”, width of 9” and a wheelbase of 28”.It is purposely built for freestyle riding. For shredding style it has two sizes. To make it more efficient, its artist Max Neutra, made sure  it has a concave shape and kick tails that makes the rider have maximum control over his longboard.

6. The Arbor Catalyst 42 longboard

This board was also designed by Max Neutra and works the same as the Arbor Catalyst 38.The only exception is the size of this board It has a length of 42”, width of 9.25 and a wheelbase of 32”.

7. The Arbor Bamboo Fish 2012 longboard

This longboard is characterized by a teardrop shape with a wheelbase that is extended. It is multipurpose and its board is soft enough to give a comfortable flex, excellent for cruising and carving, all the credit to its artist Nanami Cowdroy.It has a length of 38”, width of 8.75” and a wheelbase of 27.75”.
This was the Arbor Longboards review Part 2.
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